Love nature? Original hand painted artworks are waiting for your attention. Boost your interest by reviewing beautiful landscapes, flowers, animals, cityscapes, abstract paintings and so much more! I transfer my emotions of joy, tranquility, and self-recharge into the canvases, which is why there is a great number of happy customers. Curious? Welcome to my website! 

Hi, I am Valerie. I am an avid artist. These are some of my artworks. How do I create them? I just transfer to the canvas everything that I see and like, adding my personal touch, and/or what comes from my imagination. I experiment and play with volumes, colors, and shapes. I find this very interesting and rewarding. I get inspiration in everything that surrounds me. Life is beautiful and you can turn every moment of your life into a beautiful painting. I started painting just for myself to satisfy my passion to create. I noticed that people who came to my home gallery really liked my artworks. Then I started selling them online and in-person and found out that my artworks were in demand. I think this is because they are simple, vibrant, and depict everything that comes from my heart, generating positive thoughts. If you want to be my ally in this interesting play, come to my website.  

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