California Landscape Park Wall Art Wall Decor Original Oil Painting 11 x 14 in

$72.00 $96.00

I love hiking in forests. California parks are enjoyable to hike in. They are beautifully groomed and designed. Multiple trials lead you to different parts of the park where you can find hidden spots, which intentionally were not touched by the humans, showing its wild beauty. The spot on this painting is nearly wild. It would be completely wild, if not the dry tree, carefully cut off to become a stump. Particularly this stump attracted my attention, which become a focal point of this painting. Surrounding trees and grass, meanwhile, grow as they want in bizarre order. The sun timidly peeks out of nearly transparent foliage slightly touching the greens with its warm rays. Painted in oil with palette knife. All sides are painted. The signature is available on the front and back of the painting.

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