Flowers Yellow Tulips in Vase Impasto Wall Art Original Oil Painting 12 x 16 in

$195.00 $260.00

Yellow tulips in vase abstract original oil painting 12 x 16 in, custom framed and ready to hang on the wall. The painting is made with palette knife and a brush. I bought the bouquet of those tulips, put it in a vase and so this painting was born. I like yellow flowers. They were kissed by the sun and got there sunny bright color this way. Aren’t they beautiful? Look at the petals, how they reflect light and how the light and shade play in the flowers. Nice shape of clear glass vase shades on the wall. And finally the background color gives an unrepeatable mystic feeling. This is one of a kind. The painting will give a fresh touch to any space and will be a perfect gift to someone you love. It can be hanged either alone or next to my other painting of yellow daffodils, also still available in my shop.

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