White Calla Lily Flower Wall Art Wall Décor Original Oil Painting 16 x 20 in

$240.00 $320.00

White Calla Lily flower original oil painting 16 x 20 in is painted with a palette knife on stretched canvas and is 100% hand-made. This flower bloomed outside in February. It looked so bright and gorgeous on the dark-green background and deserved to be painted. There are some moments of everyone's lives when the life goes so dark and monochrome, as the background of this painting. Then suddenly a big joy comes into your life, a huge white spot, similar to this Calla flower, unexpectedly brightens your life. This association followed me when I painted this. This artwork will brighten any room. It is ready to hang on the wall. All sides are painted. The signature is available on the front and back of the painting.

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