Squirrel on a Rock Wall Art Original Oil Painting 8"X8"

$105.00 $140.00

"Hungry Squirrel" original oil painting is painted with a palette knife and a brush and is 100% handmade. Many people probably encountered this, when a squirrel comes close looking at you with a big question in its beautiful eyes: "Do you have a snack for me?" And then you feel sorry if you have nothing with you to treat it. Which is why I try to take nuts and seeds with me when I go for a hike and/or to the forest. If you have a nut for it, it will take it from your hands vigorously, holding it with its cute hands and fingers and either eat it at once, or will hide it to eat later. Squirrels have so great number of such hidden places where their food is stored, that sometimes fail to find some of them. All sides are painted. The signature is available on the front and back of the painting.

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