Seagulls Black Headed Gulls on the Beach Wall Art Original Oil Painting 16"x20"

$390.00 $520.00

Black Headed Seagulls original oil painting is painted with a palette knife and a brush and is 100% handmade.

These now rare birds are found primarily along seacoasts, estuaries, and bays.

Black-headed Gulls are abundant, and expanding their range in Europe. The North American Waterbird Conservation Plan estimates a population of 40 breeders, and 400 non-breeders in North America, and lists them as a Species of Moderate Concern.

Water is their life, and their plumage is the same color as costal water. Magnificent sky, running water and birds in motion make this painting especially appealing for those who love nature like I do.

All sides are painted. The signature is available on the front and back of the painting.

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