Rooster Colorful Bird Cayman Country Rooster Wall Art Original Oil Painting 12" X 16"

$225.00 $300.00

"Cayman Country Rooster" original oil painting is painted with a palette knife and a brush and is 100% handmade.

Hens and roosters look identical as chicks. Adult roosters have a strutting attitude to go with their feathers that are usually in brighter colors than their companion hens. Rooster feathers come in many colors including white, brown, black, orange and red.

While primarily people grow them for food, the situation is quite different on Grand Cayman Island, where hens and roosters are free and independent.
The chickens of Grand Cayman are wild, harmless and add that much more character to this little island.

You can find them literally everywhere, from the parking lots of banks and supermarkets to public beaches and the bush and even (disturbingly) hanging outside of KFC... if they only knew!

All sides are painted. The signature is available on the front and back of the painting.

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